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Young Businesswomen



Hear from Coastline Consultants’ previous clients about their experiences working with us in many capacities from, one-on-one professional development, to small-group creative workshops, and even organizational policy, program reviews, and strategic planning. We’d love to talk with you about your needs and serve as the guiding light for your success. Reach out for more information.

"Janet's Art Journaling Class was an epiphany experience for me creatively. Her class introduced me to how the concepts of collage, printmaking, painting can be used to explore my inner voice. These new techniques have helped me to discover aspects of myself that I never knew existed and I now use these tools as I continue on my beautiful journey of self discovery. I'm most certainly indebted to Janet for providing me with this wonderful introduction to a fantastic new way for me to express myself.“

- E.B. Reid

"Charmaine, at Coastline Consultants, provided focused expertise in fundraising as well as organizational development to help YWCA St. John’s re-establish in the community. She also provided assistance in the development of policy documents, and evaluation and growth of our programs. We highly recommend Coastline Consultants and look forward to an opportunity to work with them again.“

- Wendolyn Schlamp, Executive Director, YWCA St. John’s

"Prior to taking part in a Coastline session on Compassion Fatigue I was skeptical that I would learn anything new that I hadn't already heard before. But the tools and information provided by the facilitators and discussion from my session has played a critical role in increasing my productivity and job satisfaction. I will continue to use these techniques on a daily basis. Thanks Coastline Consultants.“

- Mark Coaker

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