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"I knew a little about journaling but really nothing much about drawing or painting so when I saw the poster for Art Journaling, I was curious, so I signed up to do the session. At first I was distracted by the thoughts racing round in my head saying " you can't draw, what are you doing here?" But then Janet Peter, the facilitator, started to guide the group through the process and quickly those self defeating messages began to fade. I found myself on a very personal journey through a mountain of feelings I didn't know were waiting for me to express. Through the use of materials, color, words and symbols my path cleared and there I was … Powerful … fully aware … ME. I felt such calmness, I had no idea of what to expect when I set out and was so glad I gave it a try. That one session set me on a determined course that resulted in many things getting cleared and completed. Thank you Coastline for making this possible. It was excellent.“

- Sheila Ryan


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