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For professional development, strategic planning, organizational development,  customized solutions for organizations in Newfoundland and Labrador, get in touch with Coastline Consultants.

Professional Development

Individuals and organizations can always do better. There’s always another skill to be learned. When you are looking for an engaging, effective training regime, reach out to Coastline Consultants for one-on-one or group professional development sessions for yourself, your employees, your board, or program participants. We offer training sessions on most common workplace tools including increased efficiency and time management, trauma informed approach to service delivery, self care, art journaling, compassion fatigue, and healthy professional boundaries. Don’t see a session that works for you? Reach out for a full list of our training topics.

Organizational Development

Whether you’re building an organization from the ground up or refocusing on a new project or objective, you’ll require collaboration,team buy-in, operational efficiencies, and best practices from around the globe to guide you. Coastline Consultants offers expertise in preparing your organization for a transition, growth period, or even starting up. Get in touch to discuss how we can work together for your success.

Program Review & Development

Policy and program review can be daunting, as can building new programming from the ground up. Coastline Consultants can help you approach a new program with an effective plan, based on jurisdictional scans, needs assessments, and best practices, ensuring your programming runs efficiently, while also meeting your specific goals. Let’s discuss the needs of your community and how we can meet them together.

Workplace Wellness

Smart, sustainable, and safe. That’s how we approach workplace wellness. We create strategies and training sessions for organizations that need help with work/life balance. We offer workshops and one-on-one training related to workplace wellness, professional boundaries, managing toxic workplace behaviour, and online usage and effectiveness. Reach out to Coastline Consultants when you’re ready to bring wellness into your workplace.

Program Review & Development

Based in research and industry best practices, our training tools work for any business or organization. In fact, we customize each training session for the group or individual we’re working with, allowing you and your organization to prepare for your unique challenges and overcome them with your one-of-a-kind approach. Let’s discuss your training needs and tailor a solution for your success.


For nearly two decades, Coastline Consultants has been at the helm, offering support, training, and advice to the community organizations, which have shaped Newfoundland and Labrador’s social sector. With compassion and a steady hand we can help you or your organization experience a rising tide.

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