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Young Businesswomen



Hear from Coastline Consultants’ previous clients about their experiences working with us in many capacities from, one-on-one professional development, to small-group creative workshops, and even organizational policy, program reviews, and strategic planning. We’d love to talk with you about your needs and serve as the guiding light for your success. Reach out for more information.

"Working with Coastline has been a tremendous pleasure. For a number of years, we have relied on the experience and reliability that Coastline brings to an organization as considerable as the Canadian Cancer Society Newfoundland and Labrador. Through a variety of sessions such as team building, compassion fatigue, time management, and healthy boundaries, Coastline has helped shape the team of the Canadian Cancer Society in both personal and professional leaps and bounds. Truly an option for any non-profit, or local business, seeking timely and meaningful organizational support. Because of Coastline, our team can work smarter not harder.“

- Canadian Cancer Society

"The Pottle Centre is a drop in social and recreational centre for consumers of mental health services. We came to meet Charmaine through a mutual friend when we were looking for someone to lead a group session for our members with regard to dealing with Christmas, which of course can be a difficult time. We have now offered "Coping With the Holidays" for the last few years and our members have enjoyed these sessions as well as finding them beneficial. Charmaine is kind, intuitive, caring and an all round beautiful human being. She is a smart business woman and easy to work with, I highly recommend her services.“

- Leanne Lewis, Administrator, The Pottle Centre

"I knew a little about journaling but really nothing much about drawing or painting so when I saw the poster for Art Journaling, I was curious, so I signed up to do the session. At first I was distracted by the thoughts racing round in my head saying " you can't draw, what are you doing here?" But then Janet Peter, the facilitator, started to guide the group through the process and quickly those self defeating messages began to fade. I found myself on a very personal journey through a mountain of feelings I didn't know were waiting for me to express. Through the use of materials, color, words and symbols my path cleared and there I was … Powerful … fully aware … ME. I felt such calmness, I had no idea of what to expect when I set out and was so glad I gave it a try. That one session set me on a determined course that resulted in many things getting cleared and completed. Thank you Coastline for making this possible. It was excellent.“

- Sheila Ryan

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